Moses in the Bulrushes

Since we’ll be talking about the princess dream next class, and she mentions it several times, especially in conjunction with Freud’s theories of her dream, I looked up the Gustave Dore picture they refer to.

Moses in the Bulrushes, by Gustave Dore

Not exactly how I pictured it. Other than being a very sort of pale and washed out engraving (I imagined it more colorful), I think the best way to reference it is in relation to the appearance of the princess. Otherwise, the setting is very strange–instead of being the only one in the dream, she is surrounded by attendants. I also don’t see the stairs mentioned, and most significantly I can’t find Miriam. Where is she? What is up with that. Dore has lots of other biblical illustrations, including others of Moses, but none include Miriam, unless I just am somehow missing her. Is this a deliberate mistake (oxymoron) on H. D.’s part?

(slightly darker: )