I don’t know about you guys…

…but when I’m stressed out about papers, I tend to indulge in bizarre panic-displacement activities. These usually involve cleaning my room, but my new obsession with Polyvore meant that Wednesday night, I was making Trilogy-inspired outfits. This is my favorite:

Even though putting this together was mostly a way to feel like I was doing work without actually writing, I do think that I was really inspired by Trilogy, specifically “The Walls Do Not Fall,” while coming up with it. One of the things I really loved about “Trilogy” is the idea of the bombings being interruptions–that opening line “An incident here or there,” though casual, really conveys that this had become a variant from every day life. The idea that it was “here or there,” that maybe it would impact you less in some places and more in others, and that above all it was unpredictable, made me think of a party being interrupted. So I put together a party/Blitz-inspired outfit. The dress sort of speaks for itself. I chose the headband because of the flower pattern, which made me think of the flowers in “The Flowering of the Rod” and invokes the “weight of a domed crown” in the description of the Lady. I chose the cuff because it’s not silver, it’s “silver-tone,” which references the metal disappearing due to the war.

I chose the clutch because it reminded me of one of my favorite lines in Trilogy “yet the ancient rubrics reveal that we were at the beginning.” That line, and the references to the secrets of language in that part of the poem, made me think of things kept under lock and key, much like the clasp on the purse. Finally, I chose the shoes because they made me think of the line “Pompeii has nothing to teach us, we know crack of volcanic fissure, slow flow of terrible lava.”

So yeah, that’s what I do when I’m panicking over a paper. Anyone want to contribute some ED ones?

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