Well- classes are over (duh!)  but somehow I still find myself checking this blog daily along with my email, facebook, news websites (ok mainly horse news but still…) Not sure if this means I am having trouble letting go or what… Anyhow if any of ya’ll see this it means you might have a problem too 😉 Enjoy dead week and I will see most of ya’ll at graduation! Love to all of EDHD I will miss you guys! – Sarah

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  1. mscanlon

    Hi Sarah! I hear you, girl. Reading through the blog to assess it made me very lonely for all of you. Gracie is reading Sea Garden on a quiet beach today.

    May 3rd, 2011

  2. You’re not alone. I’ve been checking the blog everyday since class ended (saw Christine’s post and it made me happy inside). Yeah, I miss this whole class. I think we all do even if we’re not on the blog still… 🙁

    May 3rd, 2011

  3. Gracie

    yep still checking it every day.

    May 4th, 2011