executive decision

Unless I post some change beforehand, the final presentations/celebration will be at the mansion.  I am trying to reserve the second floor where there is a projector.  Please indicate here if you can bring some food to share.  I will bring “something” to wet our whistles.  Since Shanea doesn’t want to present, we can make her serve things on a tray from behind a door like ED.


May I say that the process of taking in your final papers was somewhat harrowing, from Christine and Alyssa sitting in my office for nearly an hour clutching their papers but unable to hand them over, to Sam submitting hers with a clip that has “MERDE” printed on it, to Ryan being reported asleep at his computer in Trinkle at 4:45, to Everett bringing his so hot off the printer it was literally hot, to Rachel bringing hers to my house and having a quick visit with Purrcy and spying Yummy on a hall chair, to Gracie inexplicably delivering her paper in the midst of delivering multiple cakes but none for me, to Matt bringing his to my office, being so stressed that Christine and I were afraid, and later delivering a new version to my front door, trying to act wholly natural even though Juju was climbing the edge of the stairs and I was in sweatpants.  I can only imagine what drama was behind the others that appeared to land serenely in my mailbox.

If you have not yet sent me your paper by email, please do so.

Rachael’s Bridge to the Blog II

Today was pet day.  Meg brought Toto and the Scanlon kids brought Groundhog and Purrcy.  I brought Finch, however, she was pretty anti-social for most of the class and probably would have preferred existing behind a half open door.

We also discussed the final exam period, in which we will be doing an 8-10 minute professional presentation of our seminar papers.  We could not find a place that satisfied both serious presentation spaces but also allowed sherry.  Chuck E Cheese’s was brought up but I think we came to the consensus that we are all too old for it.  Professor Mom said that she would make an executive decision and post it to the blog.

Also, at the end of class we had a collective sob.  Christine gave Scanlon an imitation of a Master poem, and the pets were awarded prizes, which are as follows:

Groundhog: Was it most energetic?

Purrcy: Most Shy

Toto: Most mischievous

Finch: Best Behaved

Brainstorming sesh.

Rachel suggested I post a “really cool idea” so let us compile our options for alternative places for presentations.
Here is everything that I can come up with while waiting for linguistics to begin.
1. Pizza Hut
2. A park
3. The mansion
4. Pool party
5. A mansion
6. (I will reiterate) Chuckie Cheese
7. Funland
8. Karl’s (the house not the ice cream shop)
9.Carls (the icecream shop not the house)
10. Retirement village.
11. The dog park down on grove.
12. Other small places that would be empty at 330?
Sesh begin!

marcel the shell

Things I Find When TOTALLY Doing My Paper


I believe Scanlon would be proud of this site.

Since there were no animals yesterday….


There was a lack of les animaux yesterday, so get your fix in here at cute roulette. Beware though…you might spend a little more time then you want to looking at these little cuties.

Yes, please.

Emily Dickinson ballet. Gotta love those Canadians.


Great Job, Guys!

Here is a picture I found that is obviously not Emily D.  but still funny.


Hey… Take Two

I’m proud of you!  You did an excellent job on your panel.  I love you guys….


Okay, I woke up this morning and felt like doing this thing. I have two images of EDHD for the bio section, I have a picture of slanting light with a bit of the ED poem that goes with it underneath and a picture of joan of arc with a small quotation about her from Asphodel for the Darling Lunatics so far.

I have no clue what to do for poetics/form/indeterminacy so will Karl and Christine PLEASE let me know what pictures you want BEFORE 12:30 today? Same for the Master group….since you aren’t talking about Freud and we have no idea who the hell ED is writing to, I’m not sure what to do…….

For thresholders I’ll probably just do a picture of a doorway or some other thresholdy image. For poetics and vision….also not sure yet. The sexy vagina flower group will probably end up with a sexy vagina flower. For real though, if you want anything specific, I will be on watching the blog and making this thing until a little before 12:30 when I have to go present for Emerson’s class.