Thursday Poems. Woo hoo.

If you want to read, indicate that in a comment below.  Guido, you can take the first slot.

I like Matt’s idea about including letters, since the interrogation of genre is important to our study of ED and also just because they’re lovely.  One possibility (of many) would be to start with ED’s initial letter to Higginson in which she asks him to say if her verses are alive.  You could progress by dates, or by thematic/imagistic resonance.  You should decide if you want to end on an up note or a shiver.  You should decide if you want any commentary within the reading.

Sarah S. could sing to start or finish, yes?  I happen to know that Meg sings also even though she’s never done it for us.

H.D. Reads from Helen in Egypt

“Helen In Egypt:” Few Were The Words

“Helen In Egypt:” How Did We Greet

Thought I’d post these now before I forget. Enjoy!

It’s H.D. reading from Helen in Egypt (if you didn’t figure that out from the title). The first one begins with “Few were the words” and the second one with “How did we greet.”