Lonely Post-er

Images from a mural on the edge of  the Amherst Cemetery:

"I hide myself within my flower / That wearing on your breast . . "

Vinnie the Cat Lady at right

H.D.’s London home

With some help from Scanlon, I found H.D.’s house in Mecklenburg Square this summer. It’s in a very quiet part of London, literally. There was hardly anyone around and almost no traffic. It was bizarre but wonderful. It’s currently a private residence and I am sure costs about one million pounds more now than it did when H.D. lived there. As the sign notes, she lived in London during the latter years of World War One, and I’m interested to see if that had any influence on her work.

(Ultra-dorky confession time: After I took this picture, I (very quietly, so as not to scare the mailman walking by) said to myself “One I love, two I love, three I love. I don’t really love now anybody,” my favorite line from HERmione)