the old college try


Now that you’ve broken Sam’s heart about the movie and she’s probably been laugh-cry-rocking for hours, time to get organized.  As I said in class, I think you need to put up something more than a reading of the authors, although a dialogic reading may be a great part.  But you also need some presentation on your topics, some discussion of how the topic compares or why it’s important….  I think you might get somewhere on this if you work in groups of two or three per topic, and you could, as Karl suggested, draw on paper strengths where possible.  Some ideas that were mentioned in class:

  • flowers and/or yonic imagery
  • volcanos and/or yonic imagery
  • madness or darling lunacy
  • masters
  • spirituality or deity
  • vision and prophecy or the poet-prophet
  • sexuality or passion
  • threshold, borderline, or liminality

Use comments here to generate more ideas AND, importantly, to begin making groups.

p.s. do you return to the high-five t-shirts, accepting less than optimal image crispness, or do you bag it?


  • t-shirt or track suit design
  • sherry party / bake-off date and plans
  • screening of Borderline (weeknight?)