Okay, hear me out.

Today I heard (via Foss via Rafferty) that someone defaced at least one of the posters for our Thursday Poems reading by writing something like “Faulkner Rules” across it (or possibly also “Dickinson Sucks”– sorry for the rumors, I haven’t seen it myself).  I have a few responses.

1) Extremely uncool.  Reading this, Faulkner lover?  That’s incredibly disrespectful of Dr. Lorentzen who runs the series, the student aide who makes the posters, and my superb class for having the guts and giving the time to stand up and read for the enjoyment of all.  It’s not funny and you should be ashamed.

2) I love Faulkner.  Til the end of my days I am unlikely to forget the August I first read Absalom, Absalom! and could barely swim out of the prose and the humidity alike.  The Sound and the Fury is brilliant.  I could weep right now thinking about Sarty in “Barn Burning,” a child character I adore as much as I cringe from his tin father.  Seriously, people, the man could write.  He was a personal wreck and his poems are crap.  Given.  But his prose…

3) Today I decided to advise that we turn away.  Competitiveness and one-up-man-ship  is exactly the kind of masculinist, empty ideology our bad ass poets reject in favor of community, nurture, intimacy.  Do we have to have those with the other seminar?  Hell no. But we already have them together.  We know Dickinson is a genius, we know we have a wonderful collective of minds, we know we love our baked goods and our pins and our hats and our track suit plans.