Okay, here’s the dealy-o. We’re doing a rotation. Before we start, line up along the front wall in the order below with the first person nearest to the podium. When it is your turn, step up, read ONE poem, and then silently walk to the end of the line and attentively listen to the next person, who should already be reading at that time. We may even want to walk BEHIND the line to be less distracting, whateva. I’m just sticking with Scanlon’s idea to open and close so I’ll introduce, sing, and then Everett will begin. I’ll say we’ll have letters, etc so NO NEED to introduce your poem. The idea is to immerse them in this deep pool of Emily until they drown. Wrong metaphor? Whatever. I’ll sing again at the end and then close. Yay bookends!

Please read slowly and try to maintain good eye contact, etc. Her poems read fast so three should be good but if we finish too soon or you just feel like you’ll die if you don’t read something, we can throw in a fourth (Everett and Alyssa are already reading a fourth time because they’re like that, hence they’re at the front of the line). I have neither the time nor the inclination to decide which poems are read when. Decide how you want to order yours, okay? Gracias.

The rotation is:
Sarah D.

*Yo my letter homies. Matt, read yours FIRST round, Christine, yours SECOND round, and Alyssa yours THIRD round. This intersperses them pretty well. Make sense? Excellent.

p.s. whoever said they wanted to do 512, 436, and 598 never got back to me, so you’re not on the list. we will cross that bridge when we come to it, i suppose.

We Will Move Them All to Tears

Hey all! I’ll update this post with the official set list for the poetry reading, but until then there are 3 poems that someone said they would read but didn’t put their name next to at the end of class. In order to do a rotation (most likely the simplest way of organizing something of this magnitude), I need to know who this person/persons is/are.

The poems they called were 512, 436, and 598. PLEASE TELL ME IF THESE ARE YOURS. Otherwise I will divide them between Sarah, Matt, and Christine.

ALSO we did not decide if we wanted to read bad Faulkner poetry. Thoughts?