More on ED’s Daguerreotype

After we looked at Scanlon’s pins today, I wanted to do more research on the Emily Dickinson pictures–I was hoping to find whatever proof people had found/what made them fakes. Perhaps my web searching skills are off, because I couldn’t find much, other than the more recent find that Scanlon was describing today. Philip Gura, who found it, is on a personal quest, by the way–he’s all over the place trying to prove his case. The piece is actually a copy of a daguerreotype; it’s an albumen photograph, which was more popular duing the latter half of ED’s life. What I do find interesting is the writing on the back of the photograph, which says, ” Emily Dickinson died (rec/dec–this part is unsure) 1886.” Considering that this is the year ED died, I think it’s pretty interesting. Not convincing, necessarily, but still pretty cool to speculate on nonetheless.

Gura’s story/quest/what-have-you is here. It also has the image as well as the  back on it.With Gura’s testimony/getting forensic experts on it, I’m curious what the rest of you think. I’m still skeptical; I don’t really think it looks all that much like her.

I also came across an article written by Amherst College, which not only details a history of the known daguerreotype, but shows a lock of  what they believe to be ED’s hair, too.