Last night I had the most beautiful dream about our seminar. We were all in class listening to Jim Groom blab about computers and junk, and we were sitting in our normal circle only this time is wasn’t misshapen, it was perfect. While JG was talking, Scanlon was trying to also teach us a lesson about God or spirituality or ourselves or ED or something or all of it maybe–I’m not sure. I have a feeling it was all related. Anyway, she came around to each of us and put her arms around us from behind and squeezed our rib cages three times and whispered something in our ears while she did so.  I don’t know if she said the same thing to all of us, but I get the feeling it was.  I remember when it was my turn and she did the rib squeeze thing, it was like she was helping me breathe, forcing me to take a whole bunch of air into my lungs and then easing it out again. She said, “Now do you understand?” And I guess I did in the dream. I guess we all did. We all agreed it was a great lesson. Then Scanlon and Sarah S. started singing ED poems and Matt had a ukelele and someone kept laughing and then Scanlon said “Open your eyes!” and I woke up………….

I should also mention that a few nights ago I had a dream…nope, a nightmare really, that I was forced to join the Faulkner seminar. FORCED. I was so upset and then relieved when I woke up.